Industrial Gear Oil

L-CKC Medium Duty Industrial Gear Oil
L-CKC moderate duty industrial gear oil is blended with high quality base oil and multi-functional additive. It has good bearing ability, ensuring smooth operation of gears.

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L-CKD Heavy Duty Industrial Gear Oil
Designed for use in enclosed industrial gear drives where they offer excellent extreme pressure and load carrying properties.

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AP Industrial Gear Oil
Offering the performance of a traditional heavy-duty industrial gear oil, this product protects against micro pitting and scuffing of gear teeth, ensures long oil life.

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L-CKT Heavy Duty Industrial Gear Oil
Superior in quality to mineral oil-based products, it offers outstanding performance and long oil life in severe heavy-duty enclosed industrial gear oil applications.

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AP-S Industrial Gear Oil
Provide excellent lubrication protection for gear in the harsh conditions, such as low friction, longer service life and high micro pitting protection performance, etc.

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Heavy Duty Open Gear Oil
Does not contain asphaltic material, heavy metals or chlorine compounds, so is environmentally responsible and does not pose a health hazard.

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Worm Gear Oil CKE & CKEP
Provides good protection for parts of machine. The product has won technical recognition of Germany Volkswagen and OTS of Shanghai Volkswagen.

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Rock Drill Oil
Designed for the lubrication and cooling of pneumatically operated rock drills, also suitable for the lubrication of similar equipment in building and highway construction applications.

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1500 Steam Cylinder Oil for Trolley Bearing
Good anti-wear, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties, especially for the cement industry trolley bearings, steam engine cylinders and lubricants in contact with the steam.

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