Metal Processing Oil

M0006 Special Cutting Oil
Sinopec M0006 Special Cutting Oil is used in cooling down and lubrication during several metal and non-metal cutting and grinding.

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M0252 Electrical Discharge Machining Oil
SINOPEC M0252 Electrical Discharge Machining Oil is used for discharge machines working by penetration.

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M0316 Cleanable Punching Oil
It is used in the forming operation of auto parts for lubricating, cooling and preventing rust etc.

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M0583A Stainless Steel Drawing Oil
Manufactured from a highly refined mineral oil, and various functional additives,with good lubricating performance, It is suitable for lubricating in the stainless steel wire drawing, etc.

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M0721 Series Aluminum Cold Rolling Oil
Adopts quality mineral base oil which is refined especially and then is subject to hydrogen desulfurization, denitrification, dearomatization and colloid removal.

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M1087 Cutting Fluid
SINOPEC M1087 Cutting Fluid is a multi-function emulsion recommended for heavy duty machining of ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal.

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R5316B Silicon Steel Iron-core Lubricating Rust Preventive Oil
Suitable for silicon steel sheets lubrication and anti-rust.

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R5319 Wire Rope Antirust Oil
Formulated for wire ropes with refined mineral base oils and extreme pressure additives, rust and oxidation inhibitors.

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U8101 Common Quenching Oil
Based on refined mineral oil, added various additives such as high temperature antioxidant, cold reminder agent, brightener, applicable to the alloy steels.

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U8251 Isothermal Quenching Oil
Based on secondary hydro refining mineral oil, added various functional additives, applicable to small deformation of carburized steel, bearing steel.

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